A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork

Our Entrepreneur in Residence, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, shares her favorite resources for literature, fitness and tech.

From Elizabeth: As #WomenWhoWork, we’re all constantly juggling the demands of work, life, home and family. Throughout my years as an executive coach and advisor on women’s leadership, I’ve compiled a list of resources to help the women I work with perform at their highest levels and be their best selves in life and in the world.

Here’s a selection of my best of the best:

Books to change your life

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork: Books to change your life
The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks If you ever find yourself wondering why you only seem to earn so much, be happy for a certain period of time, or date for only so long before the other shoe drops, this book is a must-read.

Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown Fundamentally, this book is about the courage to be ourselves. I return to it again and again.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho For sheer allegorical inspiration that you’re on the right path, nothing tops this book.

Tips to manage stress

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork: Tips to manage stress
Dr. Samantha Brody Dr. Samantha is a naturopathic physician who works nationwide via Skype with women under stress, and her website also offers a ton of free information on wellness generally. I thought my stressed-out state was just a part of life until I worked with her one-on-one. Six weeks later, I felt like a new person.

Simply Being I use this customizable meditation app almost every day on my commute. Choose from nature sounds, music, voice-led meditation or no voice at all. It keeps me peaceful on the subway and beyond.

Happify This app, which feels more like a game, is based on scientific research to the effect that focusing on positive and happy words and images can actually boost your outlook and well-being. In addition to a number of click and play exercises to focus on the good, the app also asks you periodically to rank a number of factors related to your happiness, and marks your improvement over time.

Tools for tackling business, money and your career

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork: Tools for tackling business, money and your career
My coaching site I blog weekly on topics affecting career, leadership, work/life balance and professional development for working women as a part of my private coaching work, and I also share free goodies and advice via my newsletter.

Tara Gentile For female entrepreneurs, there is no better online advisor than Tara Gentile. The author of Quiet Power Strategy, Tara offers no-nonsense advice for those launching their own businesses and those who are taking their enterprises to the next level. She’s a genius.

DailyWorth My friend Amanda Steinberg’s free daily newsletter on money and career management for women just crossed 1-million subscribers. There’s a good reason for that: her platform is packed with content on how to get your financial and professional houses in order, no matter what your stage of life.

40 Percent and Rising Our growing community of primary breadwinner women offers advice and support for working women everywhere.

Apps for life management

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork: Apps for life management
Wunderlist I use this app every single day to manage my massive to-do lists. Best of all, it’s shareable, so your partner, your assistant and your colleagues can link in to to-do lists that impact their interests as well.

Epicurious This app is phenomenal for searching for last-minute recipes for dinners with the family, even when I’m already at the grocery store.

memmee This beautiful app allows you to document the private, transformative everyday moments we all experience that would otherwise be lost. It’s an especially great tool for working moms.

Writings and workouts to refresh your spirit and well-being

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork: Writings and workouts to refresh your spirit and well-being
Momastery I read Glennon Melton’s honest, moving and frequently hysterical blog on family and life almost every day.

Twisted Trunk Yoga Without this yoga studio, I’d be nothing. I’ve studied with teachers there for over 12 years now, and this thriving community keeps me grounded. New Yorkers should particularly check out classes with Laura Tulumbas Juell, Dana Covello and Sharon Kenney Rudy.

Mary Oliver I end most of my days reading poetry by Mary Oliver. Inspired and beautiful, her work is a great reminder to pay attention to what matters most.

For more from Elizabeth, read her recent posts on the most important conversations to have when you’re dating and five things to do now to achieve lasting success—and visit her online at emclaughlin.com and 40percentandrising.com.