Conference Call Etiquette

Tips and tricks for making the most of your virtual meetings.

Conference Call Etiquette

From Laura Bennett on ThinkTG

Be Early

Call into the conference call a couple minutes early. You never want to be the person everyone else is waiting on.


When you’re not talking, mute your phone to avoid distracting noises.

Say your name

If it is not a video call, make sure you state your name before speaking to avoid confusion.

Be Prepared

Just because the meeting isn’t in person, doesn’t mean you can goof off. Research and prepare for the conference call as much as you would for an important in-person meeting.

Pay Attention

When you are on a conference call there are so many potential distractions—work piling up on your desk, emails coming in and chat messages pinging in the background. Close all of the tabs on your computer or try to snag a conference room to have some peace and quiet to focus.

Have a Clear Leader

Each conference call should have a defined leader who emails out an agenda before the call, keeps the call on schedule and directs the conversation.