John’s Top Ten Running Tips from Twitter

Advice from an Olympic runner in 140 characters or less.

We’re hard at work with our trainer, Olympic athlete and running coach John Henwood, working toward a half-marathon in April. (See how we’re doing so far!) John competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and finished the New York Marathon in 13th place with a time of two hours and 15 minutes—to say he knows what he’s talking about is an understatement. Leading up to our race, he’s tweeting a genius running tip every day. Check out our favorite tips so far, and follow him on Twitter for more expert running advice.

John Henwood’s Top 10 Running Tips

John's Tip: Can't run outside due to weather conditions? Hit the treadmill on a .5-1 incline to simulate running outside. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: Find a running partner who’s around your pace for your longer or harder runs. More fun, more motivation, better run! @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: Run solo on your easier, shorter days of running, so you don't have to try and keep up with someone else and you can use those runs for recovery. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: When you’re buying running shoes, go to a running store that has a treadmill with video analysis to get the correct shoe for you. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: Don't run in pain! Stop! Try to stretch and foam roller. Then try deep tissue massage or physical therapy if pain persists. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: Stay away from speed for the first few weeks of training. Build your foundation—mileage and strength training—first. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: Eat 5-6 times per day (3 medium-portioned meals and 2-3 snacks) instead of 2-3 big meals. You’ll have more energy and less stored fat. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip:When you run, cup your hands as if you’re holding an egg. Don’t clench or hold fingers out straight. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip: If you're really good on a run, don't do more mileage than what’s given on your training plan. You’ll risk injury. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge
John's Tip:Add hills to your long runs. It makes you strong and works muscles in different ways than they’re used to, which helps prevent muscle overuse injuries. @jhendo11 #TeamIvankaChallenge

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