Weekly Clicks: Mother’s Day

In celebration of #hotmamas everywhere, check out a few of our favorite mom-centric links.

Weekly Clicks: Mother’s Day

Brace yourself

Moms-to-be, order a copy of The Mommy Group, and get a real-life glimpse into how your life will look post-baby.

Be a great role model

Learn to set a great example for your kids from Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, an executive coach, Entrepreneur in Residence, founder of 40 Percent and Rising—and mother of two.

Celebrities—they’re just like us!

And they have the hilariously honest parenting anecdotes to prove it.

Be the best mom you can be

Take a tip from Entrepreneur in Residence Lauren Hazzouri’s parenting pantry.

Whip up an incredible brunch in a hurry

Make your mom’s day (even if you didn’t plan ahead) with these at-home brunch ideas.

Sneak in a chick flick

Head to the theater to see Mother’s Day (Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston? Yes please!).

Meet a few of our favorite hard-working moms

Check out last year’s #HotMamas series for on-point lifehacks from a few of our favorite moms.

Image Courtesy of Ivanka Trump
Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala