What to Wear For a Presentation

Our stylist puts together the perfect look for an on-point presentation.

When you’re standing in front of an audience, preparing to deliver a knock-out presentation, the last thing you want to be doing is second-guessing your wardrobe. Here, our in-house stylist offers her advice for putting together a look that will command attention, without distracting the crowd.

What to Wear For a Presentation

Fit is Everything

You don’t want to lose focus by fussing with an ill-fitting garment. It’s as much a distraction to your audience as it is to you. Our sunburst dress is perfect because the shape is simple and tailored with a great seam and hardware details at the waist to create a slimming effect.

Have Fun With Your Shoes

If you want to add a pop of color, shoes are the best place to do it. In this case we chose our Sophia heels in a rich merlot-colored suede. The color is soft and elegant, and while it adds some dimension to your look, it isn’t distracting or flashy.

What to Wear For a Presentation

Go With An Updo

People will (hopefully) be looking at your face, and if your hair is falling in your eyes or you’re constantly touching or playing with it, you’ll appear less poised and confident.

Opt for a Carryall

Go with a structured tote that can hold everything you need—laptop, books, iPad and any documents—but still has a polished, presentable appeal. I love the color of the Victoria tote. It’s very feminine and really rounds out the whole ensemble.

What to Wear For a Presentation

From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Sunburst Dress in Black, Sophia Heels in Potent Purple Suede and Victoria Tote in Mauve Pebble.

Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger
Model: Jayden Robison, Trump Models
Makeup Artist: Samantha Tobin
Hair Stylist: Maria Baez