#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

We’re raising the bar this year.

We love a good #goal and this year, we polled the team to see who’s planning what for 2017. For the new year, Team Ivanka hopes to get on a better sleep cycle, join a bowling league and keep a gratitude journal. Think we can succeed? Challenge accepted. Check out our goals and share yours in the comments below.

Ivanka Trump

Founder#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Abigail Klem

President#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Sarah Warren

Editorial Director#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Rosemary K. Young

Senior Director of Marketing#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Kelly Del Sordi

Licensing Director#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Francesca Farrugia

Social Media Manager#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Carly Levine

Senior Marketing Coordinator#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Vanessa Ruiz

Office and Project Manager#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Jackie Zaffarano

Concept Design Associate#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Torie Greenberg

Concept Design Manager#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Morgan Pekera

Licensing Coordinator#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Anne Ebani

Assistant Editor#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Camilla Venturi

Graphic Designer#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Vanessa Street-Mason

Graphic Designer#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions

Batsheva Loeb

Marketing and Social Media Assistant#TeamIvanka’s 2017 Resolutions