4 Work Travel Tips + A Peek Inside the #TeamIvanka Offsite

Get Ivanka’s tips for traveling with your co-workers and see what went down at our annual offsite.

The #TeamIvanka annual offsite at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey was our chance to look back on our accomplishments from the last year and set goals for the year ahead. Happily, we had a lot to celebrate. Can you believe we launched this site not even a year ago? We also kicked off our #WomenWhoWork initiative just last November with the original video and profiles of the 12 amazing women featured. With that in mind, we got to work mapping out the next year—we can’t wait to share the exciting things we have planned in the coming months, and to bring the #WomenWhoWork campaign to life in some incredibly exciting new ways. Between brainstorms and meetings, we managed to fit in a dance party (or two), sunrise yoga and a team dinner at the club. Now we’re back in our NYC office inspired, refreshed and ready to dive into fall!
4 Work Travel Tips + A Peek Inside the #TeamIvanka Offsite

Ivanka’s Tips for Traveling With Your Co-Workers

Dress the part

You want to be comfortable while still looking polished. A well-cut jersey dress will give you tremendous mileage on a business trip—you don’t have to iron it.

If your boss drinks (and only if she drinks), you can drink

When you go out for meals with the team, let your boss order first. If she orders a cocktail or glass of wine, then feel free to order one, too. If not, it’s best to abstain.

Make the most of your travel time

It can be super productive to travel with colleagues, especially on quick trips, so that you can spend the time in transit meeting and reviewing your goals in advance. In the car out to Bedminster, we knocked out several pressing points of business, allowing us to be that much more efficient when we arrived.

Enjoy “free time” strategically

When it comes to the evenings or mealtimes, take a cue from your boss. You don’t want to look like you’re escaping to your room at the first opportunity. Unless the whole group is together, however, you should feel free to do your own thing. Be mindful and trust your instincts.

If time permits, breakout into a song and dance.