How Hope Wears the Spring Collection

The Trump Organization’s director of communications wears a look that does as many different things as she does.

For Hope Hicks, The Trump Organization’s director of communications, a typical workday could include a major meeting, an all-day event or even an out-of-state trip. She gravitates toward pieces that will last through a plane ride or through the various phases of a work event (setup and teardown included).
Hope Hicks #TeamIvanka

“In this outfit, I can jump on the shuttle to D.C. to do press for our upcoming hotel and come back to NYC in time for drinks with my boyfriend without having to change.” —Hope Hicks

Cute brief/clutch #IvankaTrumpHope looks for pieces that are effortlessly polished. “Dresses are easiest for me, especially on the road. I don’t have to think about pulling together an outfit. It’s one piece to put on, and then I’m out the door.” The dress’ elegant, springy color and classic, easy-to-wear shape don’t hurt either. “I love that this dress works with pretty much any variation of the Carra pumps, which I now own in every color!” When she’s working an event, Hope needs a bag that can hold her prep documents, a portable iPhone charger, hand sanitizer and stacks of business cards. She throws everything in the Hopewell Clutch and tucks it under her arm so she’s free to network and get things done.

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