#TeamIvanka’s Running Playlists

Hear the tunes that keep us moving mile after mile.

Music can make or break a workout and since starting to train for our half-marathon, we’ve all come to appreciate the importance of a good playlist. (If you haven’t yet, meet the #TeamIvanka runners preparing for the race and join us by following our training program!) From Lizzie’s playlist—custom-picked for a quick, 35-minute run—to Melanie’s country mix for the long-haul trek on the open road, find the beats that work best for you and get going.

Ivanka's Pump-Up Playlist

Ivanka is pretty competitive (no surprise, right?). Her playlist is the ultimate up-tempo mix for picking up speed and pushing things just a little bit farther.

Lizzie's Running Beats

Lizzie normally listens to Yeezus on repeat for her entire workout, but she put together an awesome mix, nonetheless.

Sarah's Dance Party Playlist

Sarah loves to run to Ban.do’s bubbly dance party mix.

Mel's Country Mix

Mel finds that, for a long run, country music’s steady tempo keeps her going at an even pace.

Katie's Tempo Running Tunes

Katie uses Nike’s playlist, which has songs at all different tempos to help runners work on their pacing.

Tess' Pop Playlist

While confined to the gym until NYC warms up, Tess relies on catchy pop songs to keep her from getting bored on the treadmill.

Johanna's Eclectic Mix

Johanna’s playlist will have you listening to Led Zeppelin, The Shins and Lady Gaga all in the course of one run.

Marissa's Decade-Hopping Playlist

Marissa’s playlist will keep her running 13.1 miles (hooray half-marathon!) with hits spanning the decades, from Elvis to Katy Perry.