Your Best Travel Tips

Clever #travelhacks from our Facebook and Twitter followers.

With summer vacations upon us, we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask: What’s your best travel tip? See how our social media community weighed in.

Your Best Travel Tips

If you’re going to another country, learn some of their catchphrases.

— @jeaniejulian on Twitter

I pack accessories into my shoes for more room in my suitcase!

— @MKate_H on Twitter

Make photocopies of your passport and other important documents in case the real ones get stolen, and carry them separately.

— @kpelton3 on Twitter

I always have ear plugs, warm socks and an eye mask inside my jacket pockets, so before the plane takes off I’m ready to sleep.

— @tucsonlarsen on Twitter

Any time I am traveling on business by myself and rent a car, I take a photo of the license plate with the color and make of the car and send it to my husband in case of an emergency.

— Suzanne Burr on Facebook

I wear a hydrating face mask and eye depuffer on the plane, so my skin looks refreshed when I arrive. I also scan/email myself all IDs and pertinent documents in case anything is lost or stolen.

— Lora Tzoumis on Facebook

Put the camera aside once in awhile and truly enjoy the moment. Take a sip of nature, it will do you good.

— Patrick Di Fruscia on Facebook

Place tissue paper in clothes and roll them. It helps prevent wrinkles.

— @pamelaf1129 on Twitter

If it isn’t carry-on, it doesn’t go. Pack sensibly, take easy-to-apply, neutral-colored makeup. Wear comfortable shoes.

— Liz Fischer on Facebook

Keep Vaseline in your purse so you can put it on your cheeks. When you fly, your body becomes dehydrated and dry, especially your face.

— Noiva Santos on Facebook

On a road trip, bring a traditional GPS with you because you may lose cell reception, depending on where you’re going.

— Lauren Shinwari on Facebook

Read up on the local weather and customs. Be safe, respectful and open to experiences! And always keep your passport & IDs with you!

— Rosanna Grace Iancau on Facebook

Be open to new experiences and always bring that little black dress.

— Lisa Lattanzio on Facebook

Pack a battery bank, you never know when you’ll have access to a power outlet.

— @RueDesRome on Twitter

From the minute you leave the house, know that you are on vacation. I think too many people see the flight or the trip as a means to an end and treat it that way. As soon as you leave the house breathe deeply, be nice to people and know that you are free!

— Lauren Hadley Kermode on Facebook

Eat where the locals eat.

— Bonnie Louise Palmer on Facebook