How To Make Coach (Almost) Feel Like First Class

Four ways to pimp out your economy-class flight.

You know those people who look calm and collected as they breeze through security and settle into their luxurious first-class seat? With a few tricks, great products and some creativity, that could be you—even if your ticket says “seat 23D.”
How To Make Coach (Almost) Feel Like First Class

Ivanka Trump Charlotte Tote

Get it together

Paring down to the essentials and getting organized will make every part of flying easier and less stressful—this is the “calm and collected” part. Invest in a travel wallet that keeps your passport, boarding passes and other travel documents tidy. If you haven’t already, make the switch to a four-wheel carry-on (it makes a bigger difference than you’d think) and stow your in-flight essentials in a chic tote. Put some thought into what deserves real estate in the tote—only the things you’ll actually use during your flight—and sort them into clear pouches.

Aloha Green Juice Powder

Fend for yourself

An easy way to feel your best on a long-haul flight? Don’t put questionable airplane food into your body. Make something healthy and packable ahead of time (grain bowls are the best because you can put dressing on them the night before and they won’t be soggy by the time you’re ready to eat. Doesn’t it feel luxurious to eat a real meal you lovingly prepared for yourself? Put it in a disposable plastic container, which you can recycle when you get off the plane.) Boost your immunity and drink a green juice mid-flight (Gwyneth Paltrow would approve). Aloha’s dried version won’t be confiscated by the TSA—just add it to a bottle of water and you’re good to go.

Moon Juice Goodnight Dust

Zone out

Time to self-medicate. Go the natural route with Moon Juice’s Goodnight Dust, which tranquilizes blood flow, promotes natural melatonin release and stabilizes REM. Need something with a kick? Ask your flight attendant for some liquor and mix yourself a cocktail. Now put your acoustic filtering ear buds in, wrap yourself in a giant scarf, slip on your eye mask and say goodbye to the world for the next few hours.

One Love Organics Active Moisture Mist


Hello, sunshine! You’re landing at your destination in half an hour. Wake up with some Visine and a spritz of moisturizing face mist, brush your teeth (fancy toothpaste counteracts the fact that you’re in a one-square-foot airplane bathroom) and comb some Klorane Dry Shampoo through your hair—this version is non-aerosol, so you can take it through security. Step off the plane looking blissed-out, well rested and ready to go.

Photograph by Chris von Wangenheim for Vogue.