Weekly Clicks: Plan a Winter Getaway

Everything you need to know—for ski or sand.

Weekly Clicks: Plan a Winter Getaway

Zero in on a destination

Forbes outlines the most budget-friendly places to travel in 2017.

Keep it simple

Learn what you really need to pack from a woman who lived out of a suitcase for 9 months.

Stay healthy

Steer clear of airplane food—your fitness goals don’t have to go out the window.

Confront your fears

Overcome plane anxiety with the SkyGuru app, which explains noises and turbulence using professional aviation data.

Traveling with kids? Make it simple.

Parenting pro Rosie Pope shares her tips for flying with the whole family, worry-free.

Fly for cheap

Did you know Google Flights alerts you when airfare prices go up, recommends alternate departure cities and more?

Cover your bases at work

Keep the emergency calls to a minimum with this pre-PTO office checklist.

Prepare for landing

Go from red-eye to your first day back at your desk with ease.

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